Where do the recipes come from?

Posted by Unknown Thursday, June 10, 2010
(this is a rough draft recipe idea)

The recipes come mostly from original ideas, ideas I've had while eating another meal or recipes I grew up cooking with my parents. Here is an example of an original recipe idea and what goes into creating it for the site.

1. First I write down my base idea. (Ingredients, sauces, toppings)

2. As I cook, I write down the amounts of items I used as well as add any items I decided the meal needed.

3. I then start to adjust when you should add items, how you should cook the items, what part of the meal those items should be a part of, in what order you should cook the meal, at what temperature you should cook the items at and how long you should cook them.

4. We make any additional notes and then I take all the notes we've written and create a rough draft that eventually gets typed up for the site.


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