Who Does What?

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, June 9, 2010
Francis is the main breakfast/lunch/dinner recipe creator. He takes most of the photos (poorly,) writes all the posts and maintains the website.

Zo is the reason this site exists but she also makes recipes when Francis doesn't force her out of the kitchen! Her specialty around the kitchen is making desserts and baking other delicious goodies. When Francis has his hands full, she will shoots photos and edits posts as Francis blurts out changes. She is the invaluable taste tester and Food rater. All taste levels come from her opinion because Francis does not trust his own opinion. He does knock down taste levels due to his believe that love also makes Zo biased.

Friends and Family
Outside opinions are critical to the creation process of the recipes on Cooking for Zo. Almost every recipe on the site is tested out on friends or family before being posted.

Another critical part of Cooking for Zo is you, that's right you! Zo and I decided to create Cooking for Zo to share our recipes with anyone and everyone. We believe that cooking together is not only a great way to have good meals but also a great way to build strong bonds and great memories. As we cook for friends, family members and each other we constantly converse and make cooking an event that everyone is part of. What better way is there to get closer to those you care about, than to munch down on great meals you create together!


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