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Posted by Unknown Friday, June 11, 2010
When Zo and I started dating we had known one another for a few years. I knew she loved food as much as I and I decided due to my lack of charm that was the way to win her over. I planned out for our second date to be a walk by the river that just so happen to pass my town home. I asked her if she wanted to stop in and get a drink and some lunch. My first meal for her was an utter disaster! Being that she was a vegetarian at the time I had planned an imported mushroom white sauce to have over pasta. It was all going great until I put cheese into the rue not noticing it was fat-free cheese. It completely ruined the whole meal and I had to go with a 5 minute plan B. She must have liked me because she stuck around for more meals. Every time we hung out I had a new meal planned for her and I boasted, "I will cook you a different meal everyday we are together for the next year." Perhaps I bit off more than I could chew, as a couple of months later we added 3 amendments:

1. If we really want a meal soon after having it, we can have it.

2. When entertaining family or friends, repeats are allowed because I‘m not just cooking for Zo.

3. Variations on the same general meal are acceptable.

This blog started with 50 of those recipes that we felt were too scrumptious not to share, along with countless new recipes that we are constantly cooking for one another. All the meals you will find are Original ideas (unless otherwise noted,) Original variations on recipes I grew up cooking or meals I've tried to recreate after having eaten them (with my own twists added of course.) Bon appetit!


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